four section

Type: women, product, fashion, film, watch

4 Columns Result Box

In This Shortcode We Have 3 Columns Section. In Section One Read From All Post And Show Search Result In List View. In Section Two Read From Woccommerce Product And Show Reult In List View, In Section Three We Have Manual Data And Insert 3 Advertise Image And In Section Four We Inser A Shortcode From Visual Composer.

Each Section Can Has Custom Color, Font, Background, Item And etc Settings.

Other Four Section Layouts

Select Each Section

You can select each section and give custom setting to them seperately

Select Search Data Source

You can select two type of data source:

  1. Manual Data: In this type you have an WP wysiwyg editor that can put anything on it such as gallery, shortcode and etc
  2. Stored Data: In this type you can fetch search result from any custom post in your WP with custom query builder.

Section Title Setting

In this part you can select title of section with many awesome setting such as: background, typography setting, title icon and etc

Section Background And View Setting

In this part you can give your custom background to selected section. also padding and border setting are ready for you to reach best design of a section

Section Result Display Setting

Every section that use stored data have a display setting to set how result items to display:

  1. List View
  2. Grid View
  3. Carousel View Of List And Grid

also you can set count of columns in desktop, tablet and mobile and many awesome setting for carousel view

Section Result Item Setting

In this part you can determine how result item shown. you can show/hide title, thumbnail, metas, author, comment No, date, excerpt and excerpt source.

also can set typography of all above elements such as color, hover color, font family, font size and etc.

Section Other Setting

In this part you can set show/hide show more button for each section. also you have some other setting for design your custom button.

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